WhatsApp | What to do when you can’t download voice messages | Voice notes | Messages | Features | Storage | nda | nnni | sports game

WhatsApp |  What to do when you can’t download voice messages |  Voice notes |  Messages |  Features |  Storage |  nda |  nnni |  sports game

It is very annoying not being able to download voice messages through personal or group chats Since you are left in doubt as to what your contacts have told you, however, there must be more than one reason why the aforementioned messaging platform does not allow you to reproduce voice notes, it is unusual that it restricts you from doing so. On this occasion, from Depor we will show you a series of Solutions for you to download audiosFrom simple operations like checking your internet connection, to more complex issues like freeing up storage space. Take note.

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Why can’t you download voice memos on WhatsApp?

No storage space on cell phone

Storage is one of the main reasons why you can’t download voice messages, since The WhatsApp It is an application that consumes internal memory without you even realizing it, for example: Suppose you check your gallery and did not find much material, then you ask yourself the following: “Why fill in all the blanks if there is nothing? ”, The answer is simple, that the above application saves all sent or received files in an internal folder of the smartphone, and it will not be possible to download an image that often weighs only kilobytes.

  • Delete the apps and games you no longer use. Choose to uninstall the usual social networks and browse their web version. There are also lighter versions like Messenger or Facebook Lite, which are good options.
  • Delete multimedia files such as: photos, videos, gifs, audios, Word documents, Excel, PDF, etc.

WhatsApp crashes all over the world

It’s not a fad The WhatsApp It will go down all over the world and their servers will not work, this has happened on more than one occasion, and when this happens it also affects other Meta apps, like Instagram, Facebook and Messenger, so it will be impossible to send, receive or download media files until the issue is fixed . Follow these steps to see if WhatsApp has crashed:

  • First, open the browser of your choice and find the page a website that tells you if there is a peak hour when WhatsApp problems have been recorded.
  • Another way to find out if the app has crashed is by using Twitter. Most users use the hashtag #WhatsappDown, which is quickly becoming a trend. Remember that Twitter is not affiliated with Facebook.

Clear WhatsApp cache data

Cache data is memories The WhatsApp It is generated the longer you use the app on your Android or Apple iOS phone. For example, if you clear the Facebook cache, any associated accounts or passwords will be deleted, so you will have to sign in again and save this information.

It is possible that the cache of the application becomes saturated with information and ends up getting corrupted, this would affect the normal operation of WhatsApp and would be the reason why you will not be able to download or play the voice messages.

  • Access “Settings” or “Configuration” of your Android or iOS phone, and locate it using the cogwheel or gear icon.
  • Tap on the “Applications” section, and search for “The WhatsAppin the menu that appears.
  • Go to the “Storage” option.
  • Finally, press the “Delete Cache” or “Clear Cache” button.

What can you do with WhatsApp communities?

  • group messages: The Community admin can send the same ad simultaneously to various subgroups of up to 5,000 members. You can do this in the chat that has a green speaker icon.
  • Share large files: You can now share multimedia files, such as: photos, videos, Word documents, Excel, PDF, etc., which weigh up to a maximum of 2GB.
  • Create surveys: You will no longer rely on external web pages to create polls, from now on you will do it from the same application and it will be possible to put a title and up to 12 options at most. Very useful when no one agrees to go out to eat with friends or family, schedule a meeting, and decide where to meet, among other situations.
  • Group video calls of up to 32 people: Previously the limit was 8 per group, now it’s increased to 32 and in a subgroup, the first to connect will be part of the meeting.

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