WhatsApp with the third blue popcorn? This will happen if you take a screenshot


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The third blue dove for WhatsApp can become Reality in 2022 It will be used to notify you when someone does this Screenshot of your chatThis way, it will be searched for Increase user privacy and security.

Although the news is not official yet, it is known that the most used instant messaging application in the world Every day he works on new jobs so as not to leave people’s preferences and one of Weaknesses to improve privacy, on condition Lately he’s been in the crossfire.

What is the third popcorn?

According to the alleged predecessor, The third blue dove It will help notify users when that person does Screenshot of your chatIn this way, it is searched for Protect the data and information you share with your contacts.

When will this new tool start?

At the moment it is still popular, but it is expected that The new feature may be available next yearHowever, no Meta, WhatsApp or WABeta Info have denied this information It is one of the most popular messaging applications.

Six WhatsApp news in 2022

What is known is that WhatsApp will implement six new functions in 2022 What are they: Log outAnd Reels and WhatsAppAnd delete message without time limit, Hide from selected contacts manually, Greater Privacy Alternatives And React to messages.

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