Wonderful! History of the only images found on the surface of Venus


Surely you have seen on social networks a yellow photo, supposedly taken on the surface of Venus. Some users claim that it is an original image and that it looks like this due to the high temperatures and density of the atmosphere, but this is not entirely true.

So this isn’t the surface of Venus? Is the picture fake? It’s not wrong but it’s not true either, Admin Filches will say on the famous morning section.

Photo: Twitter

The only pictures of Venus

The truth is that there are images of the surface of Venus, the second planet after the Sun, which is meant to not look sharp, full or that color. The first images of Venus that mankind was able to capture were taken on October 22, 1975 after the landing of the Russian spacecraft Venera-9 in the northern hemisphere.

according to Russian Federal Space AgencyThe ship was launched on June 8, 1875 with a special heat shield. However, after landing on the surface, it transmitted the information for 53 minutes before it melted and lost contact with the ground.

After liftoff from Earth, Venera-9 traveled 136 days over 300 million kilometers to orbit the planet and begin its descent.

Venera 9 Russia

Photo: Roscosmos

To give us an idea, the spacecraft was subjected to a pressure 90 times higher than that of our planet and a temperature of 458 degrees Celsius. Once the ship touched the surface, it measured density, pressure, temperature, amount of water vapor, cloud particles, luminosity and radiation measurements, etc.

It turns out that on Venus only between 5 and 10% of sunlight reaches the surface as a result of the density of its atmosphere, which causes global warming and raises the temperature on the surface a lot.

But before it melted, the spacecraft sent back the first two images humanity had ever seen of Venus.

venus-surface pictures

Photo: NASA

As you can see, the images are blurred but you can see the ship’s landing gear and the rocky soil of the planet.

Later, the Russian Space Agency sent another spacecraft, Venera 10 and 13, to send more images. Venera 14 took the first color images of the surface of Venus on May 5, 1982. Since then humanity has not returned to this planet in very complicated conditions.

Venera 14 photos

Photo: NASA

And then where did the first picture come from? Is it false?

Partially not. France Press agency He was responsible for verifying the yellow image from the beginning, which began circulating on social media at the end of 2020. It turned out that the image had been published. by American researcher Don B. Mitchell, who described it as a picture In perspective.

The scientist explains that he collected the raw image data from the Russian space probe using an image-editing program. Although the general version of the photos is blurred, the originals included full panoramas of photos with a clear filter, as well as panoramas from photos with red, green, and blue filters.

What he did, then, was to combine the panoramic images to get a clearer final image that he published in black and white.

However, from that photo, someone brought it back to color it. But the researcher claims it’s not very accurate what the surface of Venus looks like.

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