Wordle, how to play the fashion game online for free and from your mobile phone


Wordle is one of the fashion games of 2022. We explain everything you need to know about the first big hit of the year.

From Word It can be said that it is the first great success of 2022. This simple game has succeeded in attracting thousands of people from all over the world, who are looking forward every day to reach new challenge.

Social networks are flooded with people sharing their findings when a file is resolved or not Puzzles suggested by this hidden word game, very simple, yet more addictive, if not more than other, more complex titles.

Wordle, a game for discovering buzzwords.

What is and what does a wordle consist of?

Wordle is not a new game. your creator, Josh Wardle -The name of the game is derived from the creator’s nickname-, he published it in October of last year, although he and his wife have been playing it day in and day out for months. as New York timesThe game went from 90 players on November 1, to over 300,000 on Sunday, January 2.

The game is relatively simple, but well thought out. It is located around a The puzzle consists of guessing the words. Every day, there is a new five-letter word for players must guess. To do this, they have Six attempts Before you have to start a new game in case you want to continue.

Every time the player tries to guess the word, Letter colors change: They turn yellow if a correct letter is used in the wrong position, or turn green if a correct letter is used in the correct position. In this way, the game itself gives us clues for the next try.

Now: at the moment, Wordle is only available in English.

The real magic of the game is that, despite its existence Especially addictiveCan’t play more than a few minutes a day; that takes you to find the word Or they end up failing after several failed attempts. Its creator emphasizes that the intention is not to “lure” the audience for hours, in his words, “it is something that encourages you to devote three minutes a day. It does not need more time.”

How to play Wordle

Wordle, how to play the fashion game online for free and from your mobile phone

It is very easy to start Wordle. To start, It is not an application that you should download to your mobile phone or computer. It is a website that can be accessed from virtually any device with a browser and internet connection. Plus, Wordle is completely free.

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When we get to Wordle, we will see a file empty net And a keyboard at the bottom. We can start typing our word, pressing “Enter” when we’re done.

If we hit the word, all letters will turn green. Otherwise, the game will give us clues to see which one we beat.

In the end, we will see a file Statistics screen With the number of times we’ve played, the percentage of games we’ve won and our winning streak. A counter also appears indicating the time until a new word or “Wordle” is available.

How do you share your scores

In recent days, social networks like Twitter have been filled with posts of people sharing their profiles wordle wins, with square ’emojis’ representing the successes and failures of each attempt.

to Share your Wordle pointsWhether on Twitter, WhatsApp, or through any other platform, simply end the game, then click Share.

It looks like Josh Wardle, almost inadvertently, hit a file A perfect recipe to make the game go viral Despite the simplicity of its shape. Something similar to what happened in his day with the legendary Flappy Bird. Hopefully, yeah, that doesn’t happen with Wardle The same thing happened with that game.

Extra: How to play Wordle in Spanish

A few days after the success of the original game, new versions of Wordle began appearing on the web. One of them is the version Wordle in SpanishCreated by Daniel FRG.

The mechanics of the game are the same, only in this case the words to guess are taken from the Spanish dictionary. It can be played for free and from any device by accessing a file Wordle page in Spanish.

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