Xiaomi has patented a fingerprint sensor that occupies the entire screen of the phone, so where’s the trick?


It’s time for fingerprint scanners to occupy the entire phone screen, and Xiaomi has already patented its own technology to make it happen.

Looks like they arrived yesterday, however the Fingerprint Readers It has been hidden under the screens of our cell phones since 2018, 4 years ago, in addition With virtually no development No noticeable technological improvements.

In fact, we’ve been listening for a long time Promises of finger scanners that will occupy the entire front of the deviceThis is why they will allow us to unlock it by pressing our finger anywhere on the screen So far we haven’t seen any movement Nor prototyping or functional tests.

Unlock the phone by placing your finger anywhere on the screen? Come soon please…!

This is something that seems to be about to change, because as our colleagues have told us GizmoChina in offices xiaomi They are already working on Large fingerprint reader That would allow us to use it anywhere on the OLED screen of a mobile device.

The idea is Improved unlocking experience and speed, so this new fingerprint reader will work anywhere on the screen, even though it hasn’t been seen yet How Xiaomi will force the reader to unlock the biometric, since continuous operation may involve countless unwanted openings while holding the smartphone.

It’s time for full-screen fingerprint readers to arrive, although for now we’re still only seeing ideas and drawings without any working prototype… Will Xiaomi devices be ready for the same 2022?

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anyway, The patent has already been registered and granted in China, with inline sketches and explanation of how it works, based on A series of infrared LED emitters That will be installed under the AMOLED panel and the digitizer of the smartphone. The receiving matrix will do the rest of the work, Reflected light analysis To complete the fingerprint authentication.

the operation Similar to current finger scanners, although in this case the infrared LED emitters are scattered over the entire surface of the touchpad, Activate only when a touch is detected on the screen Also, the light is only emitted in the area where we are pressing while detecting the shape of the fingertip.

Xiaomi says that when a user wants to unlock a mobile phone with this technology, The touch screen will record the touch taking the position and shape of the finger, so that the infrared array can do its job as described above.

Xiaomi Fingerprint Reader Drawing

This is how the drawing reads, in perfect Chinese, of the new Xiaomi invention.

It looks really good, although like I said I have my doubts about it How will it detect the mobile we want to unlock or which we simply keep, since the idea of ​​pre-pressing a button adds complexity to unlocking and removes some of the logic from this development.

Be that as it may, sooner or later readers of this type will arrive by existence Also Huawei after a similar design, is already patented in its case in six markets — China, Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and India — though for now. There are no advertisements or job forms Exhibited in exhibitions.

It will be necessary to see how they implement it, but it will soon arrive for the convenience it will bring or at least it promises … or not?

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