Xiaomi offers its interpretation in the face of controversy over standards

Xiaomi offers its interpretation in the face of controversy over standards

Yesterday we sent you The controversy in which Xiaomi After discovering the performance differences in the GeekBench benchmark. Now the company has offered its interpretations.

The explanations given by Xiaomi are that its terminals integrate different mechanisms for adjusting the power depending on the running application. in this way A balance between power and independence is allowed.

The official statement from Xiaomi is as follows:

Xiaomi applies temperature control strategies to ensure the optimum product experience, especially for the most demanding applications, which are often used for extended periods. In many of our devices, we offer 3 performance modes, allowing users to fine-tune the balance between performance and energy efficiency. at the system level, All application performance improvements take into account several key factorsSuch as power consumption, performance and thermal effect. “

As we indicated from the beginning, this behavior that Xiaomi seeks allows us to offer a balance to ensure proper wear of our peripherals. however, If it wasn’t for GeekBench research, we wouldn’t have noticed. From this deletion of information by the company.

We can conclude that Yes, Xiaomi is consciously manipulating performance Some applications and games (such as benchmarks) are indexed on your system to deliver high performance. Although thanks to MIUI We can choose for ourselves which applications we want to use the high performance mode for our terminal.

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