You can now select the chats you want to save to your backup


The WhatsApp In the next update it will contain a tool that will allow you to determine what Chatsimages, and content that you want to save in the . format Support is yours Chats.

According to the WABetaInfo page, WhatsApp is seeking to bring the next update of an option that will allow you to select and modify the files and content you want to save in the backup that goes to the cloud. So, if you have Android, you can have more control over your Google storage.

One of the most used functions by users The WhatsApp It is to make a backup of your conversations, so that if you lose your phone or change equipment, you can restore your photos and videos without any problem. However, before you can’t decide what you want to save in that copy, that is, it was recorded from very old chats to photos and videos that only take up space in your memory.

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However, you can now change all these aspects, since the new update of The WhatsApp It will allow users to edit what they want to upload to the cloud backup. So you can choose between some photos that you want to leave aside or conversations of relatives or groups that you do not want to keep a record of.

According to one of the leaked images of this site you can see an embed Picturesvideos, documents, audios and other media. So you get a better management of what’s saved to your Google Drive or iCloud backup.

Although it is not yet known if this functionality will also be available for the iPhone, since then it has only been said that it will be available in a few months for Android users.

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