6 new Google improvements for Android devices for all comers of the day


Almost all cell phones sold in Spain carry Android with Google services installed. One of the positive aspects of these services is that many of the improvements implemented through them are reaching most Android phones, regardless of whether they have the latest Android version.

Google announced Android update for Spring 2021, as they emphasized 6 new features that will start appearing today in the coming months. This is the six big news.

Check unsafe passwords

Password management is an area of ​​great importance in preventing our personal information from being compromised. Google Password Manager for Android will from now on be able to know when logging into the account if there is a data leak on the said page or application, and invite us to change the password as soon as possible. These types of reminders may seem a little cumbersome at first, but they do better insist on using a password that attackers might access.

This feature comes to Google’s autocomplete service, which requires Android 9 or higher.

Message scheduling

The next improvement is the Messages app, which is a messaging app that allows us to communicate via SMS and a remote control system. From now on, this app will allow us to schedule sending a message, being able to send it on the day and time we choose. On a personal level, I consider it a huge improvement, as in our experience we use scheduled Telegram messages on a daily basis.

This novelty is available for Android Messaging users with Android 7 or higher.




TalkBack is optimized for visually impaired people

TalkBack is one of the best accessibility tools, because it allows people with visual impairments to use Android, guided only by voice messages that read the content on the screen.

Starting today, TalkBack is improving with more intuitive gestures, a new, more unified menu, a new control menu, and much more. The update comes through the app itself from the Play Store, so you can enjoy it now.




New hands-free mode for Google Assistant

One of the difficulties that Google Assistant has in hands-free mode is its use in hands-free mode while our mobile phone is locked. From now on, that changes, and these actions like sending a message, playing music, activating the alarm or timer, we can do with our voice even if the mobile screen is off.

This option is blocked by default, as it poses a risk by allowing someone to perform certain actions on our mobile phone without passing a fingerprint. To activate it, you will have to go to settings screen and check the option to show personal data on lock screen.

Google Maps dark mode

This feature has been in development for a long time and Already in September we could see It is also starting to become available to some users. Finally, Google has officially made Google Maps dark mode for everyone, integrating options to always get map in dark mode, always in light mode or merging with system options in case you have Android 10 or higher.




Android Auto improvements

Finally, Android Auto is also receiving some highly anticipated improvements, such as the ability to customize the Home screen and Google Assistant shortcuts that appear on the touchscreen (not recommended for use while driving, that is). Cars with Android Auto with large screens can also have Google Maps and multimedia controls in split screen format.

Android Auto improvements will start arriving in the coming days to users with Android 11 or higher.




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