NASA placed a hidden message on the probe parachute upon its arrival on Mars and people on the Internet decoded it


It took six hours for people on the Internet to decode a message that NASA had hidden On the parachute used by the rover Persevere to land on Mars last week.

Through transition Held on Monday February 22nd, as NASA revealed The first video the rover captured as it was landingThis was revealed by Allen Chen, commander of the mission landing The parachute pattern contained a hidden message And she challenged the audience to decipher it.

We hope our engineering efforts will inspire others. Sometimes we leave messages in our work for others to find for this purpose, so we invite everyone to give it a try and show off their work.

Hidden NASA Message

The red and white pattern for the rings concealed the letter Dare powerful things Which translates into boldness over powerful things. This phrase is the motto of the team responsible for perseverance based in Pasadena, California. The letter also included the geographic coordinates of the center where you are working: 34 ° 11’58 “N 118 ° 10’31” W.

the user Abella Puff He posted on his Twitter account a series of messages revealing the phrase and how he decoded it using binary code.

Hours later, Adam Stelzner, chief engineer at Perseverance, confirmed the answer through his Twitter account.

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