A prefab house unites the future and science fiction

Movie premieres are responsible for making a big sensation that can be seen in all aspects of our lives and likewise, depending on the success of the movie, they are able to either attract or divert attention towards it. futuristic designs This in many cases meant major career successes. This is the Avatar for a house pre-made It literally doubles in its own structure, and thanks to Stelios Mousarris it is possible to enjoy a model little house Inspired by the blockbuster movie “Inception” in Spanish.source“And that after a two-year development, this designer of Cypriot origin can make us enjoy his exotic but practical and amazing time the design curved.

A building of 48 m² that is delivered fully furnished and can operate in dual mode thanks to the fact that it is able to connect to electrical networks and also works by managing Solar energy Through panels specifically designed for this purpose, and then at the same time sustainable Eco-friendly and fail-proof. denominator The Wave Cabin It’s a great solution to get away as a couple and enjoy it all temper nature It can offer, always with the utmost commitment to its care and to have a great deal of friendliness with the natural environments that may surround it, and to achieve, as well space cabin Be an eco-friendly little house.

A wonderful home to enjoy nature

While the designer responsible for this massive project has already surprised us with a table that can fold itself and be entirely based on the sci-fi movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s now two years later. Study and design Which presents a masterpiece of genius. a little house 48 square meters of space that may seem very simple, but this is without a doubt intended to revolutionize the way we think when envisioning house concept Comfortable, friendly with nature and able to offer all the endless advantages of prefabricated construction.

house named The Wave Cabin And that Stelios Mousarris assures that it is able to provide shelter for two people and meet the basic needs of a vacation whose primary purpose is to enjoy nature. The whole house is delivered furnished, extended, furnished It also allows you to choose a source energyIt can work with both power from the electrical grid and through solar panels. your system Isolation It is also one of the most unique as it achieves incredible temperature management in both cold and hot days of the year and its appearance made of triple glass walls ensures a very panoramic and full view of nature.

Design that provides comfort while feeling protected

The wave cabin, as its name indicates, is built in the shape of an A plank This directs his design to a scene from a popular science fiction movie, where the overarching goal of this design is to provide a place protection Where the wave literally embraces life, allowing existence to flow and evolve within it. The uses for which this tiny house was developed are multiple and can range from beautiful to charming Home garden So that you can offer a solution to enjoy nature for the weekend without any problems and maintain high stakes rest and relaxin addition to a pleasant sense of calm and peace by achieving perfect harmony with the natural spaces in which its installation is determined.

futuristic small house insulation

Its composition includes a room with functions Bedrooms With a double bed, a kitchen who share their spaces with Living room From is being And in the middle of the house bathroom. In addition to materials completely selected to maintain the highest performance at the time of thermal and acoustic insulation that allows occupants to achieve the feeling of immersion in nature, but protects you from peak temperatures and thus manages a decrease in the energy expenditure of the entire structure.

A characteristic that gives her the ability to be friendly naturein addition to enjoying the use of the house which, thanks to the materials in which it is built, allows us to provide an excellent and very positive experience Environmental effects. It also allows a large capacity for Sustainability And a perfect simulation to blend in very positively with the surrounding natural environment, reducing in a very generous way the visual impact on the environment.

Perfect size to get ready and comfortable

Although it is a house equipped with everything necessary to achieve the best Interaction In any kind of landscape it is pertinent to know that it is a limited offer, of which 25 units are simply planned to be built houses pre-made Like a dream. That is, exclusivity is also an integral part of its design, so if you are interested in one of them, you should hurry to get a generous checkbook.

harmony natural energy protection

The Dimensions They talk about themselves and even though they are perfect for birth comfort and a certain degree of space, so perfectly planned that the house is indexed within mini houses Which is that its 8m in length, 6m in width and 2.5m in height is ideal for working well from many points of view, including of course the fact that it is a home portable This requires on-site assembly.

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