All mystical scarlet and purple pokemon gift codes

All mystical scarlet and purple pokemon gift codes

We’ve received an interesting post regarding one of the most prominent titles on Switch. We are already talking about Pokémon scarlet and purple.

Many are currently available symbols This will allow us to get interesting bonuses in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple through the option Mysterious gift. Here’s how to recover it:

Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Two such icons are available, although it is possible that the title will receive more over time. You can see them below:

Primary symbols:

  • Special pikachu: online download – until February 28, 2023.
  • Adventure group: By means of a unique and special code sent to the mail of players who purchased the title in the online store – until March 7, 2023.
  • This is a list of icons:

you have below:

HAJ1ME0R1G1NAL Snack ingredients: 10 x peanut butter, 10 x prosciutto, 10 x burger, 10 x cream cheese, 10 x noodles, 10 x rice January 31, 2023
No code necessary, available ‘online’
Flying Teratype Pikachu February 28, 2023

Snack ingredient codes:

PL codes:

Symbols of the new year 2023:

Where should we save these gifts?

In a similar way to what happened in the previous titles, we can access the option Mysterious gift in the start menu From the address after reaching the first Pokémon Center. There we can get there Two waysdownload online, as with Space Pikachu, or through a code.

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