Android | How do I know if someone is hacking my cell phone | Mobile phones | Applications | Smartphones | technology | trick | wander | OS | hacker | cyber criminals | Internet criminals | Malware | Viruses | nda | nnni | data

Android |  How do I know if someone is hacking my cell phone |  Mobile phones |  Applications |  Smartphones |  technology |  trick |  wander |  OS |  hacker |  cyber criminals |  Internet criminals |  Malware |  Viruses |  nda |  nnni |  data

smart phones from Not only have they become instant communication tools, but they have also become an essential tool for the social or work environment, therefore, you are likely to store in these devices a lot of important information that you do not want to make available to third parties. People or in the worst case of cybercriminals, do you want to know if your Android mobile phone has been hacked or hacked? Here we will explain to you the steps to find out.

If your smartphone It starts heating up while you are not using it or charging it is an indication that something is wrong and there may be a malicious virus that is harming your personal information or banking details. Another clue to know if your phone has been hacked is that out of nowhere it starts opening pop-ups or screen freezes multiple times, even if there is no suspicious activity, you need to check if someone has access to your computer, done Flag it technology portal .

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How to check if your ANDROID phone is hacked

of battery usage

If you download apps from websites outside the Google Play Store (the official app store of Android), it is possible that some kind of virus got into your device and someone else is tampering with it from anywhere in the world. To find out, check the battery usage, because if it gets hot when you are not using it, some programs must be running in the background.

  • First, enter “Settings” or “Settings” of your smartphone Androidyou can locate it with a cogwheel or gear icon.
  • Here you enter the section called “Battery” or “Battery and Device Care”, the name may vary depending on the brand and model of the device.
  • Then tap on the “Battery usage since last full charge” option.
  • Here you will see all the apps that have been used while your cell phone is on with the screen off.

If you find a suspicious application or you never download it, they must have installed “Keylogger”, it is a password-stealing program commonly used by cybercriminals, so you should uninstall it quickly.

Remove virus by resetting Android to factory data

If you did not find strange applications previously or if you were not allowed to uninstall them, you can choose the format of your mobile phone Android Or return it to its factory state, before making sure to save the information to the hard drive or create a backup.

  • Open “Settings” and go to “Backup and reset”, “Security and system” or “Accounts and backup”.
  • Now, go to the “Google Drive” section and tap on “Back up data”.
  • Finally press the Create Backup Now button and wait for the process to finish.
  • After the backup is finished, go back to Settings.
  • Scroll down until you find “About phone” > “Reset”.
  • Click here on “Restore default settings”.

Done, this will make the phone Android Factory state restore, means it will erase all data, including media files, downloaded apps, settings, passwords, etc.

Install antivirus apps from Google Play Store

Although Google has its own program called Play Protect which is used to detect something unusual on your phone or apps, it is better to download other, more specialized tools for detecting and eliminating viruses, for example: Malwarebytes, Avast, AVG or BitDefender, which are most used from by most users Android.

How to clean the speaker from the mobile phone?

Using a soft-bristled brush, with consistent but not too strong strokes, can help us remove dust and dirt. Try to use the shallow part of the brush, rather than trying to push the bristles deeply into the holes in the speaker, so as not to damage the mesh and website details. .

How do I know what type of input my cell phone has?

USB type cthe current standard connection for phones Android. by location And the If you have a mobile phone Android Relatively new, or you bought it a year or two ago, and were high-end or average quality, your connection will be USB type c. You will get to know it by two main things: It is slightly larger than the micro USB connector.

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