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Android |  How do you know the most used application on a cell phone |  Applications |  Smartphones |  technology |  |  data

Most smartphones that run the operating system It has more than 64 GB of internal storage with the ability to expand it up to terabytes, due to the fact that users are more and more dependent on a mobile device. Almost 10 years ago, you were content to have WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram on your cell phone, however, now there are more than three million applications and many of them help you in your daily routine; So we will then show you a trick to find out which app you or your friends use the most on the smartphone.

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It is important to clarify that if you have hidden applications on your cell phone, they will also appear in the list that we will show you, since there is a function It notifies you of all the apps you use the most and the ones you use the least, even the uninstalled apps will appear. The above program detects them based on data consumption, both with the active mobile data package, as well as the connection to the Wi-Fi network.

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  • First, enter “Settings” or “Configurations” of your mobile device AndroidYou’ll find it accompanied by a cogwheel or gear icon.
  • Now, go to the “Communications” section.
  • A window with several options will open, click on the option that says “Data usage”.
  • Here you have two alternatives, see the most used app with data package or Wi-Fi, if you want to see the first option, tap on the Mobile Data Usage section, otherwise tap on the Wi-Fi Data usage.
  • Application usage is logged monthly, therefore, in the upper left you have a usage history.
  • Below you will see all the apps that have been used during a given month.
  • To find out which app is most used, you should see consumption in kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB), or gigabytes (GB). Remember that 1024 kilobytes makes one megabyte and 1024 megabytes makes one gigabyte.

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  • Go to settings.
  • Find the section called “Lock Screen” and tap on it.
  • A new window will open. Here you click on “Secure Lock Setting”.
  • Android You will be asked to enter your security pattern or password to continue.
  • Finally, activate the “Lock with side key” and “Lock network and security” options.

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