Apple has been sued in the US for selling MacBooks with defective displays

The defect resulted in uneven lighting at the bottom of the screen. Photo: AFP

The Apple Technology They sold computers with defective screensAs revealed by Judge Edward Davila, of Northern District Court for California, in response to A. Collective action request Against the company.

The computers in question are the 2016 MacBooks Pro, which are fragile and weak The cables are corroded when the equipment is opened and closed repeatedly, Causes the so-called “stage lighting” effect, which results in uneven lighting at the bottom of the screen.

“The court found that the allegations of pre-launch evidence as well as the substantive customer complaint allegations were sufficient to establish that Apple had exclusive knowledge of the alleged defect.”

The nine plaintiffs in the case They also accused Apple of removing customer posts containing complaints About the problem of official forums on the company’s website.

The controversy stems in part from Apple reaction After the problem first appeared at the end of 2018, well, without drawing attention to the bug, The tech giant has outfitted its new MacBooks with a quieter, longer cable.

Apple filed another lawsuit in 2015

This is not the first case of its kind. Last month, Judge Davila also admitted a class-action lawsuit against Apple. Powered by butterfly keyboard for him MacBook That were built from 2015 onwards.

The butterfly keyboard was thinner than the previous design, but even when small amounts of dust accumulate, Keys are starting to feel “sticky” And they didn’t register the impulses properly.

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