Epic: Xbox Series X Mini Coolers Will Come!


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One of the main memes related to it Xbox Xbox X. Is that it was compared to a mini fridge. Microsoft has dealt with this with humor and has even abandoned these types of devices. Now, because he won a contest, people will now have a chance to get one.

As we told you yesterday, Twitter held a contest in which the audience was able to determine the absolute best brand, according to the audience’s vote. to Aaron GreenbergThe Xbox Marketing Director was so interested in winning, so he called his community to vote.

At the time, the manager promised that if Xbox wins, Xbox Series X mini coolers will be produced. The contest ended and Xbox won 1% after 341,731 votes so Greenberg will have to fulfill his promise.

So was Greenberg’s reaction to the Xbox victory

After the contest ended, Greenberg reached out to the community to thank him. This is through a tweet that he celebrated victory and before it was time to fulfill his promise and produce mini-fridges for Xbox Series X. Of course, he made it clear that the former would go to his rival competitor: Skittles.

“Thanks to everyone who voted, this went all the way and was very exciting to follow. Now that Xbox won, we’ll fulfill our promise to produce these mini Xbox Series X coolers. The first is going to be packed with games and it’s going to our Skittles buddies,” he explained.

For now, Greenberg hasn’t said anything else about her. This is why we don’t know when or how we can get the Xbox Series X refrigerator going on sale.

We will be up to date and share details with you once Microsoft reveals more about this strange device.

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