Apple never thought students would use iOS 15 to transcribe notes in class, but they are


You’re sure Apple didn’t expect that. iOS 15 It has a new function in the camera that allows you to recognize texts with it. And Students use it to copy notes through the class. At least, that’s one of the uses that emerged with this new technology built as standard in iPhones with the A12 Bionic chip and beyond.

Ignore the teacher and copy the best notes with iPhone

We’ve all been in classes that were hard for us to attend too Because of distraction, laziness, or fatigue. As a result, notes suffer and threaten to affect our exams. Now it doesn’t have to be like that anymore and it’s all thanks to the job Live Text de iOS 15.

This student teaches us how we can use the iPhone camera To point to another colleague’s screen. In this case, the one with ASUS and Microsoft Word open, where he takes his notes. This is how the student does the following:

  • Open the iPhone camera.
  • Zooms in with pointing to the companion screen (up to x5.5).
  • Take a picture and then capture the text on the movie.

All necessary blocks can be selected, regardless of whether they are tilted as shown in the picture. with choice, Choose copy text and then you can paste it In your corresponding notes application. A tool that can be used to copy the neighbor while taking notes.

Live Text is meant to be used to transcribe phone numbers, addresses, or restaurant menus. These are all “good” uses of an advanced technology that Apple is promoting in its marketing of iOS 15. It never crossed the minds of Apple engineers This live script can be used to transcribe it in class.

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