Dead Space Remake will arrive in early 2023 and USG Ishimura shows his dark voices in a new trailer

Dead Space Remake will arrive in early 2023 and USG Ishimura shows his dark voices in a new trailer

Our legs tremble just thinking about it. Remake of Dead Space It has just been shown in a comprehensive preview focused specifically on Audio section. Those responsible for EA Motive They explain how this review will improve the voices of USG Ishimura.

One of the more interesting aspects is the sound blockage, which is now much more realistic. For example, an area where the sound comes from the end of a corridor was shown at angles, making original dead space Let’s hear it to the right of the headphones.

However, in the new version, the sound will come from the left due to bouncing off the walls. It’s a more natural result, but it’s going to trick us and The anthropomorphs are attacking us from the side we don’t expect. On the other hand, we got our first look at two of Isaac Clarke’s famous guns.

The sound director, Olivier Asselin, showed how the sounds emitted by these instruments are An endless layering collection of other sounds. There has been some digital archeology work restoring the original audio tracks, although not all were done for Dead Space Remake.

Another aspect to consider is The ALIVE system, which identifies Isaac’s breathing, heartbeat and dialogue. One example of this is when we come out of the oxygen starvation zone when reserves are low, which in Visceral Games caused the hero to drastically switch from restless breathing to normal breathing.

This will not happen in the new version, as the described parameters will differ. If Isaac ran a lot, he would breathe even more difficult. If he gets hurt, he will do it with grunts and all this will lead to Dialogues that will have a different tone Depending on the status of the person.

However, the last bombshell was the release date. EA Motive didn’t want to be in a hurry but they said the idea is too Dead Space Remake launching in early 2023. They have a history in mind that they did not want to reveal and confirmed that there is still a lot of work to be done as the game is in alpha stage.

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