Developer Mode has not been removed from Xbox Series, and will continue as usual


This morning Share with us Not good news with the developer community around the Xbox world. Microsoft Without warning I would turn off the mode It has Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S available allowing developers to use the console as if it were a development kit.

Alarms were ringing this morning and the community started asking Microsoft for explanations as to why developer mode was disabled. After hours, we have official data and we can confirm that everything will continue as it was so far, Microsoft will not disable developer mode and it will be available again soon to those who may have lost it.

Will not leave developer mode Xbox Series

It was Jason Ronald Among the doubts and an explanation of the reasons for the occurrence of this problem:

We have no plans to remove or disable developer mode on Xbox consoles. We continue to believe in and support a healthy, independent game and app development community on Xbox.

As part of the regularly scheduled maintenance to clean up inactive accounts, multiple Partner Center accounts are used to enable Developer Mode on Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles | S was inadvertently deactivated.

We are actively working to identify and re-enable these accounts as soon as possible. Once the account is reactivated, users will be able to re-enable Developer Mode on Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles | s.

As you can read above, it is an issue after a maintenance update and it will be resolved soon and everything will continue as it was so far. Although if the accounts are likely to be inactive if they are disabled.

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