Did they give you free mobile data for WhatsApp? It’s a scam

Did they give you free mobile data for WhatsApp?  It’s a scam

The WhatsApp It is one of the main and most famous platforms instant messageThat’s why millions of people around the world use Dario to stay in touch whether through messages, photos, videos, video calls, voice notes, etc.

For this reason, it has also become the medium of choice for scammers To commit scam, sending a message with a link is easy and no fancy technological tools are needed, which makes many people fall victim to it.

Did they give you free mobile data for WhatsApp? It is fraud. Photo: Pixabay

New scam on WhatsApp

Recently, a new type of fraud was released in this way, a message that steals your data and the data of your contacts, as well as installs malware that affects the security of your information.

The message being sent offers users to win a 50GB package of mobile data for surfing the web, as part of the supposed anniversary celebration of WhatsApp.

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Below is a link that, when clicked, opens a page in the browser that pretends to be the official WhatsApp website and even contains false comments from people claiming to have won this promotion, giving it more credibility.

When the user clicks on this link, his data is extracted, since it is assumed that to win, it is necessary to share his phone number and send the same message to 12 contacts or WhatsApp groups to “get” the free 50 GB.

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In this way, personal data is stolen as users are redirected to different pages, which steal data or install viruses. Therefore, the most recommended thing, if you receive this message, is to delete it and not click on it.

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