Do you have a Nova Launcher? Convert your Android device to a Pixel in less than 2 minutes


If Nova Launcher was the king of personalization on Android and the Google Pixel interface offered the best experience … we were already taking the time to join them!

Since birth The two great Android features Its platform was opened, which allows you to view the operating system in practically all types of devices, and It offered huge customization possibilitiesWhich means that there are no identical Android smartphones if users want it.

In fact, most advanced Android users install as soon as their peripherals are up and running. a launcher Character With any power Modify the interface of your smartphones or tabletsAnd if it is in this who Customization There is a king in the Google Play Store, and it is definitely a file Nova launcher from what We’ve already given you tips and details to see how to use it Better than no one else.

Android 11 interface on Google Pixel phones.

Anyway, we know that many of you are already passionate about Nova Launcher, so this time we’re going to teach you how Get the most popular interface and experience on the Android platform in less than 5 minutes, Which is none other than the Google Pixel with its very clean interface Pure Google.

And the best part is that you can do this By following a few simple steps Which we teach you now from the hand Android GadgetHacks Tool, And download some files that we will also provide to make the task easier … Want to try Pixel on your Android device? Well let’s get to it without further delay!

You won’t be able to buy the Pixel 5, but you can get their official wallpapers

How to make your Android behave like a Google Pixel with Nova Launcher in just 2 minutes clock

The first thing is to confirm that this trick really is It will work with both Nova Launcher PrimeThe paid version Same as Nova Launcher in its free version, Although it’s clear that if you pay, you’ll have more future customization options on that basis. The educational step is this, so Here we leave you the download links From Nova Launcher as a basic install:

1. Install the Pixel Icon Pack

Another download from the Google Play Store, in this case completely free, in An icon pack that perfectly simulates the style petition From the Google interface For your smart phone.

These icon packs They blend nicely into a Nova And you can select it without problems from Nova Launcher’s settings, though The Nova backup file that we will be attaching to you already includes the preselected file To make your task as easy as possible:

2. Installation The Google Nova companion

to me Use the feed From Google Discover because it works on Pixel, And drag the main desktop to the left, You will have to install this APK to get the app The Google Nova companion Built into Nova Launcher. You must enable the installation of external applications on your mobile phone, because you have an APK available here on Mediafire:

New launcher, initial setup.

Define the configuration file in Nova Launcher.

3. Download the Nova Launcher design backup

As mentioned before, we leave you straight The Nova Launcher configuration file is already ready, So you don’t have to dive into hundreds of options to leave everything just right:

Unfortunately, the system Not set up to automatically adapt to light and dark themes Depending on the schedule and ambient lighting, so you will have to download the chosen option or both and configure it on your devices. How is this done?

Let’s see, if you already have Nova Launcher installed You have to go to its settings and delete the data to start from scratch. If you have installed it again or have already deleted the data, then you are ready for it Import the downloaded design file Shortly ago in this particular step of the tutorial.

So, In the Nova Prime processor, you will have the opportunity to choose your own starting designAnd press the button “check up” You can Search the download folders for the file Concrete that you achieved, to apply it directly and not have to configure anything else in the interface.

Nova Launcher already has Pixel interface configured and finalized.

Nova Launcher already has Pixel interface configured and finalized.

4. Make the final touches and configure your own widgets

on the desk You will actually find a widget added and adapted in size, So that you can configure in a simple way Popular “In a glance” From Google, simply by pressing And accept adding the tool with options “always allow” s “Create”.

Check before You have the Google app installed on the deviceObviously, because this tool will be responsible for providing you with all the most important information that you need, keeping the context in mind and making use of everything that Google knows about you.

Finally, you just have to add to Sidewalk Footnote apps and shortcuts Whatever you want, replace the gray icons, and You will already have a Pixel on your Android smartphone Spending just a little bit of time, no learning curve and all you need to make it really directly accessible … It’s not that difficult, is it?

Nova Launcher: 7 tricks (and some add-ons) to get the customization you want

More information and credits | Android GadgetHacks Tool

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