They propose to establish a sperm bank on the moon to protect humanity in the event of a catastrophe


The project’s authors argue that natural disasters, droughts, asteroid hazards and the potential start of nuclear war, among other dangers, are turning the idea into a “modern global insurance policy”.

A group of scientists proposed building a tank under the surface of the moon that would contain the reproductive cells of 6.7 million species on Earth, including human sperms and eggs. mentioned New York Post.

Jikan Tanga and his team from the University of Arizona, USA, said last weekend that the instability of our planet is leaving its species vulnerable and forcing the establishment of a seed vault on the Earth satellite as quickly as possible. UU.

At the IEEE space conference, these mechanical engineers explain that natural disasters, droughts, asteroid hazards, and the potential start of nuclear war, among other dangers, transform the idea into a “modern global insurance policy.”

in that ShowTitled “Lunar Trenches and Lava Tubes for a Modern Ship,” Thanga and his team specifically proposed building prefabricated shelters inside the recently discovered lunar trenches. These places provide the ideal environmental conditions for storing reproductive cells, as they withstand “extreme changes in temperature”, as well as provide protection against threats such as radiation and meteorites. These complex cylindrical units will be powered by solar panels.

This “ark” would keep species cooled “until technology advances and then reintroduced” if needed. It is a necessary project, mainly because of the “critical extinction risk” that many plants and animals currently have. Thanga does confirm that “there have been rapid losses in the past decades.”

As for transporting samples to the moon, Jacan estimates that 250 space flights will be required to achieve the goal and supply the entire warehouse. For comparison, the construction of the International Space Station required 40 launches at that time.

The concept of a seed vault is unknown. On the Arctic Island of Spitsbergen, in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, a regeneration has been made Global Seed Bank, Also known as the “Apocalypse Vault”. Opened in 2018, it aims to preserve the planet’s agricultural biodiversity. Here, scientists store the frozen seeds of the world’s most important crops in order to protect this genetic material from potential disasters.

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