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If you missed Ryan Reynolds’ latest movie on the big screen, you’ll be able to stream it here. Check out the details!

If you are one of those who haven’t seen Ryan Reynolds’ new adventure in the world The non-playable characterWe have good news for you: You can now see it online! Free man: control It is only available to you by accessing .’s streaming platform star plus.

It’s almost the season of Christmas, when we know you’ll have enough free time to sit for a moment in your armchair and forget about the clutter of everyday life, so… free man It becomes the perfect movie to clear you up for a few hours. Join Reynolds on this adventure with Jodi Comer, Taika Waititi, Joe Kerry, Lil’ Real Horie and Utkarsh Ambudkar.

Directed by Sean Levy, whom we interviewed after leading Stranger Things, the film tells the life of Jay, a bank worker who follows the same routine every day with optimism and positivity. Everything changes one day: Realizing that he is not the hero of his story, but a secondary character in a video game, so he decides to change every aspect of his routine and personality to become the hero of his own journey..

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According to the newsletter star plus, the film’s director admitted that he still remembers the moment the project began to take shape: with a text message from Reynolds he read “Hey, what are you doing in the spring? I think I have a thing for us”. The actor, who is known around the world to bring him back to life dead listMatt Lieberman sent him the script. By the next day, he and Sean had already set a date to meet and shoot the movie.

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This is not a secret Free man: control It depicts an existential crisis with humor and a lot of complicity between friends. “On the one hand, the film represents a somewhat existential crisis, but with such an ambitious backdrop for maximum empowerment in a borderless world,” the director explained. Levi’s directing position wasn’t anything arbitrary, Ryan Reynolds knew that “if you want someone by your side to create worlds, that’s Sean, because not only does he have a lot of experience in the subject, but he’s also very good.”

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If you still do not give a chance to Free man: controlYou can do this through star plus And if you do not have a subscription to the platform yet, We recommend that you enter a file official site And he discovered that in addition to this movie, star plus It has a lot of original content that can fill your boring days.

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