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A real trick that few know! It is one of the messaging apps that many download so that they can talk to all their friends. however, Sometimes we mis-send a message and try to delete it, leaving a “message deleted” trail.. Do you know how much time you have once you read it? Well, here we will tell you.

In order to delete a sent message You just have to click on the text and then click delete. This will indicate if you want to delete it only in your own chat or in everyone’s chat. If you choose the second, the other person will not automatically be able to read what you have written.

Look: WhatsApp changes its name and here we tell you its name

In order to delete a sent message You only have one hour to do this. It has been discovered that you can also do this if the other person reads it. how much time you have?

This way you can delete a message that has been read on WhatsApp. (Photo: mag)


Delete a sent message that have already been opened or read may vary depending on how many you want them to disappear. In this case you will only have one pair for up to 10 minutes So you can delete text, image, video, GIF, among others.

Also remember that you will leave a mark when deleting a message. This wouldn’t be any different if the other person didn’t read the notice. It will always say ‘Message deleted’.

Although there are many applications for you to know what deleted messages said, we recommend The same notifications that always save notifications that are sent to you via any app, including WhatsApp.

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