How to install a COVID certificate in your iPhone wallet to always be available


Do you know you can Download your COVID certificate and place it in the Wallet app on your iPhone? It is a very convenient way to always get your degree when you need it, although it is not mandatory, it can be requested for certain procedures or trips. If you save it to your iPhone wallet, you won’t have to worry about searching for it when prompted.

By saving the COVID certificate in Wallet, you will be able to summoned him whenever you want from your iPhone or Apple Watch. A few clicks on the corresponding button will appear on the screen as if it were a credit card or a regular pass.

How to Create Your Own Wallet Card for a COVID Certificate

Apple announced it using iOS 15 We can Add keys and identity documents to Wallet. At the moment, there is no official way to integrate our vaccination certificate into the iPhone. But we can take advantage of some of the existing applications Create Wallet Cards on iPhone of barcodes or QR codes. And when we are vaccinated, we will receive a QR code in a document, only the format we need.

Now, we just have to search for an app in the App Store that can generate Wallet passes from QR codes and thus be able to Add a COVID certificate to our iPhone. We have chosen Pass2U . wallet, which is a free app that provides this basic functionality we are looking for.

First of all, we need Take a picture or take a COVID certificate And save it to your iPhone spool. When opening the application we will follow these steps:

  • We give the “+” button in the lower right corner to choose the “Import” options from the QR.
  • We choose “Get barcode in pictures”, where we can choose or capture the image with a QR.
  • We select and confirm the image and a screen will appear to customize some aspects.

In the free version, here we can modify only two sections. We will put the approved COVID name Or whatever we want so we can get to know it quickly. We will click Done.

Add a corridor with Covid

Then we will appear Wallet Card with COVID Certificate ready to add to iPhone. When you click Add, it will be saved to iPhone and we can summoned Like a ticket or an Apple Pay card.

How to add a COVID certificate with Stocard and other options

There are other ways to scan and save the COVID certificate on your iPhone. one of the The best app for creating cards in Wallet is Stocard, which follows a process very similar to the application process in the previous section. In addition, it has a template, although it is in Italian. To use it, just follow these steps:

Add Stockard

  • We take a picture or take a QR code for the certificate and press add card.
  • In the search engine, we type COVID to take advantage of the existing form.
  • Next, click on the ellipsis at the top right.
  • We select Add to Apple Wallet (this is Wallet), where we will see a preview of the card. We’ll press add and that’s it.
stockcard and wallet 1

With these simple steps, we will have created Card or wallet swipe with our COVID certificate. We can also use the site GetCovidPass To create and add the card version to our iPhone, although this requires going to a web service and not an app.

Now we already have COVID passport on iPhone or Apple Watch. Two devices we always carry with us that will allow us to quickly view our COVID certificate.

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