If you hate full screen notifications, you’ll be in luck with Android 14

If you hate full screen notifications, you’ll be in luck with Android 14

The next Android “major update” will allow us to disable full screen notifications even for alerts or phone calls.

This new option “Full Screen Attempts” will appear in Settings.

with the first beta Android 14 is already between us, we’ll get to know some The finest details of what will be the next great Major update From the operating system that was introduced in mid-February with many new features and a calendar that It will definitely take us until September for its final publication.

What brings us here Not exactly great jobs But the subtleties, which most people will not notice but not by our friends Android Authoritywhich, as you will see, told us that in fact, Android 14 will allow us to deconfigure all full screen notifications Even the most important applications.

It will be appreciated by many users who They hated that their mobile phone showed calls or alarms in the settings Screen zoom Even when they were reading a news, watching a video, or surfing the internet with their smartphones, so We’ll show you how it works Because some will make you happy.

Full screen phone or alert notifications will be configurable in Android 14

As you will see in the subsequent uploaded video Mishaal Rahman To your Twitter account, the new setting is called Manage full screen goals we It will allow you to completely disable full screen management for any applicationincluding, as we said, basic applications such as a phone or a watch.

In fact, it is these applications that usually display this type of full screen Manage calls, video calls, messages, reminders or the likea Permission we grant when you install the app Even if no one reads the permissions you accept on Google Play.

Anyway, the Android versions so far They did not allow this permission to be touched once accepted, something that will change with Android 14 The option to delete full screen notifications later will be enabled from the app’s settings menu.

Once the permission is revoked We will not stop receiving calls or related notificationsbut obviously as you will see the call It will be displayed as a standard Android notification Which we will have to manage like everyone else from the notification curtain.

Access this setting It will be as simple as going to Settings > Apps > Special access for apps > Manage full screen attempts within the options menu From any Android 14 phone.

One more customization option We didn’t explain how it wasn’t actually implemented Previously, many manufacturers have bypassed with Do Not Disturb modes, game booster and the like That completely disables access to notifications from any app.

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