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Japanese service manga box Issued a press release regarding the resumption of manga written and illustrated by Musawo TsumugiAnd Koi to Uso (Love and Lies), which has been on hold indefinitely since April of this year. It should be noted that this work will have two different endings, one with it Misaki Takasaki and another with Reina SanadaThe statement wrote:

«[Aviso de reanudación de la serialización de “Koi to Uso”] This has been suspended since April of this year, but “Koi to Uso” resumption date set for Sunday, December 5, 2021. From that date, a re-edited version of the main story from Chapter 265 to will be published last. My “Misaki Takasaki” and “Ririna Sanada” stories will be updated weekly.. (All of the following refer to the Manga Box service in Japan) Due to the re-release process, Chapter 265 will not be available until December 4. We are also pleased to announce the resumption of the series. Starting today, you can read the first 264 chapters of the main story of “Koi to Uso” in the Manga Box. Take this opportunity to re-read it and enjoy the end of the story».

Tsumugi has started publishing manga on the site manga box from the publisher Kodansha In August 2014. The publisher published the tenth volume on March 9, followed by the eleventh volume on December 11 in Japan. The work recently exceeded 2.6 million cumulative copies in circulation. The play inspired a 12-episode anime adaptation that the studios produced. Leiden movies, Under supervision Seki Takuno and texts written by Natsuko Takahashi, released in July 2017. This production was followed by a two-episode OVA episode released in November 2018. Additionally, a live-action movie was produced in Japan and released in October 2017.

Sinopsis de Koi to Uso

In a future as Japan struggles to combat a low birth rate, the Japanese government is implementing the “Yukari Law,” a matching system based on the genetic compatibility of all young people who have reached the age of sixteen. Described as the “red strings of the flag,” the policy is a well-accepted policy that promises a fulfilling life for those who adhere to it and punishment for those who defy it.

At sixteen, time is short for Yukari Nejima, who has decided to confess her love for the beautiful and popular Misaki Takasaki, whom she has loved for the past five years. To her surprise, Misaki responds to her feelings, but just as the couple share an intimate moment, Yukari receives a notice from the government. He will marry his designated partner, outspoken Rena Sanada, and will now find himself entangled in a world of love and lies, while still trying to convince himself that his feelings are the right direction.

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© Musawo (Author) / KODANSHA Kodansha

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