La Jornada – Liga Mx does not beat MLS: Chicharito

Football players and coaches consider the second edition of the All-Star game between Liga Mx and MLS a train wreck. says Javier Hernandez, captain of the LA Galaxy and one of the characters who will participate tomorrow at Allianz Field, Minnesota.

Chicharito believes that American football has a promising future, unlike what is happening in the country. “There are results that were a result of how the league has improved,” he asserts, recalling the last CONCACAF final, where the Seattle Sounders broke the dominance of Mexican clubs after beating Pumas in the final. “I want to break the narrative that Liga Mx is superior to MLS. Fans think we come just to have fun, but no; we strive to keep growing.”

Hernandez’s words did not go unnoticed in his countrymen’s camp, where coach Diego Coca and Alexis Vega agree that Hernandez only defends one position, because reality, they assert, is something else. “They are opinions,” the Argentine refuses. “MLS has grown a lot, it is a very strong league. But this party is not a standard. To understand the growth, you have to play and win different leagues, such as Concachampions“.

A similar view of Carlos Vela, the LAFC striker and another American Championship star, is more thought out in his remarks. “It’s friendly matches, you don’t finish seeing the teams one hundred percent, because there is no prize,” he explains.

The rivalry, however, is seen from earlier hours. “It’s not about opening a discussion, but it’s a good opportunity to show our winning mentality,” says goalkeeper Camilo Vargas, two-time champion with Atlas.

In preparation for the game, this day appeared the so-called skill challengeA skills competition between the two teams, with the participation of distinguished guests. Next, the Liga Mx team will come out to avenge the MLS after falling in the first edition of this event.

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