Look up the word “MUSIC” in alphabet soup – Teach me about science

Look up the word “MUSIC” in alphabet soup – Teach me about science

If the time is up before you can find the hidden word, do not be discouraged because it is one of the most difficult word searches on social networks, we advise you to participate in more similar puzzles so that you can hone your awesome skills.

Find the word “music” hidden in the letter search

You only have 6 seconds

picture: awesome guru

Now, if you already know where the word is, you can follow along, and later we’ll tell you some weird facts about Music And finally, solve a wonderful visual puzzle. If you still do not know where the word is and you are desperate to know it, do not worry because we will give you a guide that will surely make you successful.


Focus your eyes on the tenth column

Go back to the alphabet soup and research again, this time making sure you get the target before the clock stops.

Fun facts about music

  • Listening to certain types of music can increase your physical stamina, especially rock and pop music.
  • Dopamine is released in the brain, the same thing that generates pleasure.
  • People with Alzheimer’s disease can remember melodies and songs from their past.
  • The “music worm” is the feeling of having a song on your mind most of the day.
  • Learning to play a musical instrument can greatly improve a person’s communication and expression.
  • The best-selling album in music history is “excitement” For Michael Jackson, it is estimated that the number of copies sold exceeds 65 million.
  • The heart rate speeds up or slows down depending on the type of music.
  • International Music Day is celebrated on the 1st of October every year, because it is considered a symbol of equality.


Finally, it’s time to figure out where to hide the word, look closely at the illustration.

picture: awesome guru

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