Minecraft 1.17: Caves & Cliff (Part 1); All changes and news are now available


The part One From the highly anticipated update 1.17 from Maine Craft. This is not the only correction, since mojang They made sure of stay informed Title so that in the middle of 2021 several Changes and modifications. Here is a review of them all so that you can understand at one glance those headlines: New blocks, goats, sea urchins, amethyst, copper And much more.

All details and news of the update 1.17.1

goats and crushed snow

To get started with our goats as new. we can You find them in the mountains (usually snow) and his walk will let us know another new place from the address: snow powder. If we step on it we will freeze and can slip and fall, so it is best to avoid it as much as possible.

Going back to the goats, we can add that they have a fairly high jumping ability and that they can be hostile, so we must be very careful if we want to avoid hitting down a hill. As in the case of cows, we can offer them wheat for their domestication and milks them. Another item we can get from them is goat horn, which they will release from time to time and will be very useful to us.

Glowing sea urchins and squid

Goats arrive accompanied by another interesting creature: sea ​​urchins. They point out from Mojang that we can find them in the water and from there we collect them with buckets for transportation, if we dare. We say this because they are creatures hostile Against human villagers and against other aquatic animals. Precisely for this reason, we should avoid creating joint aquariums with other fish or aquatic pets, because it will end in a serious fight.

Minecraft 1.17 update news content patch copper goat amethyst axolotls

The glowing squid for the oceans. They were originally exclusive to Minecraft Earth, but the community desperately demanded their inclusion in the main game and eventually they did. Their main attraction, besides their shiny appearance, is the fact that when they die they are released glossy ink bag We can use them to make luminous panels with which we can customize our base and world to taste.

New blocks in Minecraft: amethyst, copper and more

  • copper oreFound underground near mine shafts. Its uses are varied and very interesting, because copper will eventually oxidize and will change color over time until it reaches a shade of green instead of the usual brown. Of course, we will achieve this thanks to the use of beeswax.
  • Geodas de amatista: We will find them in the caves and we can mine them with the help of our choice. Right now, we don’t know much about it, but the promises of a major expansion of the caves and subsoil are still up in the air.
  • snow powder: On the snowy mountain tops. If we step on it, we will freeze little by little and this will affect our health.
  • Speleothem (stalactites and stalagmites): They are found in caves. For now we only know that we can use them as decorative items.
  • deep slate– Found near the rock in the underground area. It will be accompanied by basalt, but we’ll still have to wait until we can keep going down into the Earth’s interior until we visit the -64 layer.
  • lichen glowWe will find it in the caves.
  • glowing berriesFound in mine chests
  • moss– Found in shipwrecks.
  • azalea: We can find it if we use bone meal in algae
Minecraft 1.17 update news content patch copper goat amethyst axolotls

New tools: binoculars, lightning rod and more

Last but not least, there are also many New platforms Such as telescope The usefulness of which is evident is made of a copper alloy and a piece of amethyst. We also have the option to build a file Lightning rod Using three copper alloys. By using it we can prevent thunderstorms from causing dangerous fires on our property. Other interesting items have been added to this pair such as Candles (which we can dye in different colors) and those mentioned luminous signs, for decoration and lighting.

Minecraft 1.17 update news content patch copper goat amethyst axolotls

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