No, NASA did not declare May 6th to be the end of the world

No, NASA did not declare May 6th to be the end of the world

Recently, various theories began to circulate about a possible apocalypse and some news even confirmed that Container He had made an appointment for end of the earth‘This Friday, May 6.

The above, because asteroid 2009 JF1 will impact our planet and is supposed to have been classified as potentially dangerous by the space agency; However, the rumors bloomer.

This is because NASA has not issued a risk warning for this asteroid, which is not part of dangerous creatures According to the European Space Agency (ESA).

This shows that the 2009 JF1 initially entered the top ten risky creatures, but after the corresponding analyzes it left the list, since it does not have the necessary dimensions to take into account dangerous >> adjective Now it is indexed within the bodies that are observed on a daily basis.

“It’s a small thing, just a few 10 meters in diameter, so the potential impact is not a major concern”, says the European Space Agency, according to La Jornada.

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For their part, the celestial bodies that are considered dangerous objects are asteroids between 30 and 100 meters in diameter, which has a diameter of 10 meters for the 2009 JF1 not build up interest.

“he is asteroid Nice level. When there is something we consider worth making the public aware of, we include it in a document,” says Detlev Koschny, a scientist at the Planetary Defense Office, according to the “Very Interesting” website.

In addition, it is very unlikely that it will affect Earth, since the odds are 1 in 3800 and if it collides with our planet, the asteroid will collide with our planet. you will break up when entering the air.

So the world cannot end after the collision with the asteroid, so you can be calm, because the Earth will not destroy this. May 6.

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