Teacher: Are you going to buy a computer, laptop or tablet? Watch tips to get the best equipment

Profeco made it clear that you shouldn’t exceed your budget. Photo: shutterstock

If you are going to buy electronic equipment to work also Desktop, laptop or tabletThe Profeco (Federal Consumer Protection Office) Give some tips to be able to get a new one, among the points I highlight is that it fits in your budget.

by Consumer MagazineThe Profeco mentioned that there are different stores To get them, such as supermarkets or specialty stores where you can get desktop computers, laptops or tablets.

Advice from the messenger

Before purchasing equipment, consider:

  • Think about what you need (analyze what kind of equipment you need. The most expensive or fashionable is not necessarily the best for you).
  • Do not exceed your budget
  • Choose from several options (compare at different official institutions and ask for information about the product warranty before buying it)

Also consider technical options for equipment such as:

  • Mobility
  • Internet access (download or browse)
  • data processor
  • information store
  • Photo and video editing
  • hard disk capacity
  • RAM
  • Processor type
  • Screen Size

If you have already decided Via desktop, laptop or tabletPlease note the payment methods are either:

  • Cash
  • on credit
  • months without interest
  • Credit for fixed payments
  • Responsible for the delivery of phone service

Equipment prices vary depending on the place of purchase, but can be purchased at:

  • Desktop computer: from 6 thousand 999 to 11 thousand 799 (Supermarket and convenience stores)
  • Laptop or Notebook: From 2000 pesos up to 6 thousand 499 pesos
  • Tablet: from 299 thousand to 547 thousand

Remember that these are supermarket prices and some stores counties. There is more expensive equipment, but a lot will depend on the brand and internal components.

“According to the National Survey on Availability and Use of Information Technology in Households (ENDUTIH) 2020, it is estimated that there are 44.4 million computer users in Mexico,” he explained. Prophet.

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