Rumor: They claim Pokémon Sword and Shield hints at the ninth generation in the future – Nintenderos


We’ll have some interesting information about one of nintenderos’ favorite franchises. We are talking in this case from Pokemon.

The arrival of the ninth generation for Pokémon is getting closer and closer, so fans of the franchise are looking forward to its announcement. Recently, the theory mentioned by the famous Pokémon YouTuber has spread Looxetine and Genogen.

What is this theory based on?

The theory mentioned by the YouTuber is based on the fact that The Legendary Pokemon will be associated with the Next Generation Region. For example, the mechanical beauty of some Pokémon Sword and Shield or Volcanion, Hoopa and Diancie towns can be associated with the islands of the Alola region and gates belonging to the super beings.

So, considering the aesthetics and appearance of Zarod in Pokémon Sword and Shield, Looxetine and Genogen It states that the following area could be inspired by India. In addition to his theory I picked up steam after calculating the leaks and rumors eclipse support your theory.

But until this information is confirmed or denied, we can only wait until the announcement of the ninth generation.

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