So you can sign up for a Google AI trial

So you can sign up for a Google AI trial

In early February, Google introduced its own Bard Conversational experimental artificial intelligencewhich he eventually seeks to implement in his own search engine and in the company’s other products.

Until now, Bard was not available in Mexico. Its roll-out was only gradual to users in the US and UK. but, In Xataka Mexico we had access Test Google AI after registering for the waiting list.

Let’s remember that Bard is an AI that uses a large search language model (LLM), an improved version of LaMDA that Google thinks can help Increase human productivitycreativity, curiosity, and processing information from multiple perspectives, in ways that facilitate comprehension and benefit from online content.

How to get queued to use Bard

to Get access to the poetAll you have to do is go to the page we will find a button that says “Join the waiting list“.

The email we’ll receive from Google when we can use Bard

After logging in with our account and clicking the button to enter the menu, we will find a message For now, Bard has limited accessso we will have to confirm this action to receive an email when we are allowed to test the AI.

Eventually, Google will send an email confirming that we can get to Bard, which is where we need everything To try it is to follow the link With the account that we have entered into the waiting list.

That’s right, cool

Let’s remember this AI works, unlike other options like ChatGPT, where it generates many drafts with different responses who asked to the user, although new content can also be requested.

The various drafts that the Bard could make to give an answer

Interface-wise, Bard is very similar to ChatGPT or Microsoft’s Bing, with Bottom block for text entry With an additional option to use voice input.

When you make a query, we can find what different drafts you have, and be able to follow the conversation from that point on and request it Use previous interactions in order to reply.

On the chatbot page we also have options for Re-chatView history as well as frequently asked questions and the latest AI updates

Cool limitations and problems

Bard is online, so he can receive information from Google search, information agencies and various international media. However, his statements are not always correct, because when asked about the spacecraft, he replies that the SN20 prototype (the same one that flew on April 20, 2023), exploded during a flight test on May 9 of this year (said in the future) while trying to land. once again.

The full interface and Bard’s answer about Starship

At the moment, it supports Google’s artificial intelligence Only English as input language, so unlike ChatGPT we will not be able to use a chatbot in Spanish. Google also warns that Bard may generate false or offensive information, but that is not the company’s vision.

google now Bard’s arrival in Mexico was not announced Officially, though, a company spokesperson responded to an inquiry from Xataka México that It continues to gradually expand access to more countries and regions in English, and will continue to expand to additional countries, regions and languages ​​over time.“.

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