Space: NASA’s Mars probe has discovered an “unexpected” part of a spacecraft on the Red Planet

Space: NASA’s Mars probe has discovered an “unexpected” part of a spacecraft on the Red Planet

Mars rover from Container Discover an unexpected piece of spacecraft on the surface red planet.

probe perseverance He revealed “Something Unexpected”, detailing the agency; What appears to be a piece of metal sandwiched between the rocks of Mars.

The NASA team controlling the probe believes it is a piece of the thermal blanket that may have fallen from perseverance during its descent to the surface.

NASA said it may have been part of the landing phase. It refers to the “rocket-powered jet beam” that lowered the rover to the planet when Came last year.

NASA does not know how the blanket will reach this specific location on Mars. Concerns about humanity’s impact on space are likely to increase, following warnings. We get rid of old rocket and spacecraft parts In orbit and on other planets.

The result was announced by an account Twitter Perseverance that publishes the sound of the probe.

The team also shared photos of the thermal blankets found on Earthwhich is very similar to the object seen on Mars.

NASA and other space agencies are taking great precautions to prevent contamination of other planets, including focused cleaning of landers before they leave Earth. Perseverance and other rovers on Mars are searching for signs of extraterrestrial life, and that search could spoil any creatures returning from Earth.

United States of America Other nations are also obligated not to disturb the pristine nature of other planets. However, this has been in doubt, as some nations have circumvented international agreements to leave potentially dangerous debris in orbit.

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