The sterile neutrino: the failed experiment that opens a new chapter in the search for the origin of the universe

  • ivy gosh
  • Science reporter, BBC News

image source, Fermilab / Reader Han

to explain,

Microboone is a 12 meter long detector inside a large refrigeration tank.

A new chapter in physics has opened, according to scientists who have been searching for an essential element in the universe.

Microboone, a large experiment developed by more than 200 physicists from five countries at Fermilab National Laboratory, in the United States, aims to find an elusive subatomic particle known as sterile neutrinoAnd An essential component of the matter that shapes our daily lives.

The experiment did not achieve its goal, but the failed research leads physicists to do so More interesting theories To help explain how the universe came to be.

Mark Thompson, chief executive of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), which funds the UK’s contribution to the Microboone trial, described the result as “Exciting”.

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