The vitamins that Salma Hayek takes to get natural collagen and skin rejuvenation

The vitamins that Salma Hayek takes to get natural collagen and skin rejuvenation

Salma Hayek is one of the most influential actresses on us because of her young age at 55. Mexican has The skin is like porcelainWhich is difficult to notice flaws or signs of aging but How does Veracruzana see herself from 20-40 years old? The secret lies in the vitamins you take. Here we tell you more about it.

Some time ago, a woman from Veracruz shared the recipe for a drink that always starts her day, an orange juice to which she adds some secret ingredients, which It is full of nutrients and vitamins. Which Helps delay the appearance of signs of aging.

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Salma Hayek. Photo: Instagram

The Salma Hayek’s secret to eternal youth lies in the mixture she creates between orange juice, turmeric, black pepper and sea buckthorn.. This last one is well known High content of Vitamin C and ETherefore, it is known to be a wonderful natural antioxidant. Additionally, Salma makes sure that this food is what helps her get collagen naturally.

“It doesn’t have collagen, but it helps your body produce it. Of course… it doesn’t taste good. Not bad, but it’s a little sour. How do I look?” Salma joked. elixir.

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Salma Hayek vitamins.

What are the benefits of Vitamin E and C?

So we can conclude that Salma Hayek eats every morning Lots of Vitamin C and E. Which, as we explained before, has great benefits for the skin.

Vitamin C

This vitamin has become the object of desire in all beauty routines, as it helps us fight the effects of free radicals and sunlight, thus reducing the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles and expression lines. It also promotes cell renewal.

Vitamin E

As for vitamin E, it contributes to the process of regeneration of skin cells, thus visibly improving the color and texture of the face, as well as reducing the appearance of a tired face and dark spots.

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