They have redesigned PlayStation 5 in an amazing old fashioned way


When a new generation of video game consoles lands, it won’t take long for a few spectators to harness their creativity and technical skills to modify them. In the event that PlayStation 5Its design lends itself to play with tons of customization options. Actually, here on Text of heep We already have it Shown Some. However, the level you will see today is the next level, since then Its creator completely redesigned the exterior of the device To make it a little more compact.

Let’s be honest, The PlayStation 5 is huge. How many people have been forced to renew Prove Because the furniture didn’t have space? Once we knew its measurements, it could have been considered the largest console in history. Even that surpassed the first PlayStation 3 release (Fat). Others decide to place it horizontally, but this position clearly does not do him any justice.

for this reason, Matthew Birx from DIY privileges, A YouTube channel known for its cool hardware tweaks, has been tasked with adding a styling touch to PlayStation 5. Not only to make it more compact, but also Facilitate horizontal orientation It’s retro style. Its look may be more or less depending on your liking due to the wood casing made of carbon fiber, but no one can help but admit that it did a great job.

Obviously, the first step was to remove the internals from the PlayStation 5. They basically got rid of the outer shell entirely. The logic board incorporating SoC was placed on top of the Flat mount made of carbon fiber, While the huge heatsink and power supply are placed on top. However, Perks had to figure out how to direct the airflow toward the mini VRAM heatsink. This was fixed by adding additional foam tape.

Later on prof Wooden structure to cover the sides From the new console. Being the digital version, Creative Design had no problem with the CD reader, although it was necessary to create an A special mechanism for operating the console and accessing the front ports. Finally, he turned the carbon fiber back into the surface, leaving some hex holes for the air inlet. The result? a PlayStation 5 Retro.

According to Birx, the ventilation system, although modified, keep silent Like the ones on the original PlayStation 5. Without a doubt, extraordinary creativity.

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