This 24 karat gold Nintendo Wii is finally up for auction

This 24 karat gold Nintendo Wii is finally up for auction

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In 2009, video game developer THQ decided to carry out an advertising action consisting of coat Nintendo Wii with 24 karat gold Queen Elizabeth II. Your Majesty didn’t really get it console, but now after more than a year of auctions, you might be able to get it.

fact, I wrote about this story Last year, when the console that was in the hands of the collector Holland, would have gone up for sale on eBay:

The Queen may not have gotten at all Console, as shown in This excellent episode of People Make Gamesbut finally reached the hands Don, the collector behind the web

Don, who is nowfollowing go ahead with your Life’ and searching for a home to buyis a mode Selling parts of his collection, the main item is, of course, this infamous 24-karat gold-plated Wii, which rose to eBay for $300,000.

who – which eBay auction contract Held in October 2021 and received More than 700 fair offers Before Auction Policy From eBay changed. This decision I bound the value of an item to the user’s sales history, so this controller was “Too expensive to “eBay sales history to account”Stream”and the Auction removed Before completing any transaction.

Six months later, the current owner of the console, Don, Think workaround, and Goldin Auctions was very happy to place this gold-plated wei (and the game They originally meant Promote friends THQ).

This is the interpretation they share in the auction house Goldin:

However, due to strict and thorough Policy From the messaging team Palace gifts for security reasons Did not get console at all Palace, not to mention the Queen’s hand. Posted later Back to the THQ offices, without the rest of the world knowing. When THQ went bankrupt in 2012, the show “The Royal Wii” went off the radar and no one really knew what it was. Ha. However, after five years, he returned to the light after he was acquired By a collector who specializes in developer hardware, which he got from a contact he had at THQ. He eventually sold the console, and it has remained quietly in the hands of the dispatcher ever since..

Here we present to you The His final achievement Wii, specially commissioned by Her Majesty the Queen as a hoax Marketing (although silly And finally failed), “The Golden Wii”. control unit 24 karat gold plated. Both contain some worn areas and driving show some to cut Diffuse in your paint pray. package Includes console, controllera copy of BIG Family Games And all necessary cables. The Wii will come with a letter originating from the sender This accreditation His story and his story authenticity. Don’t miss your chance to own a unique Nintendo game! (crown jewels not included).

auction It just opened, and anyway, I’m incredibly curious to see how it’s progressing. On the one hand, this is fair A Wii with some gold, a funny story, and a version of a really bad video game. It may cost a little more than 1500 dollars that is served. On the other hand, we now live in a world where letters Pokemon It can cost up to an apartmentWho knows how much someone would be willing to pay for such a product. The On May 22, when the auction closes, we’ll know for sure.

Photo of the article titled This 24k gold Nintendo Wii has finally come up for auction

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