This hidden feature in Chrome reduces your browser’s CPU consumption and helps you save battery power

This hidden feature in Chrome reduces your browser’s CPU consumption and helps you save battery power

Do you use Chrome on your mobile phone or PC? If you enable this option, you can enjoy better performance and lower power consumption

through the years, Google Chrome He pulled the notoriety for being a RAM and resource consumption, capable of adversely affecting the performance of any device that does not have a minimum power level. Fortunately, the company has been in operation for some time Get rid of that reputation Through improvements aimed at Make Chrome run faster.

Recently, the company introduced Hidden option in the browser It is called “intensive fast throttling” or “rapid intense acceleration” and is according to the gate Computercan reach Reduce CPU usage by browser by 10%while increasing battery life in devices such as cell phones or laptops.

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Google Chrome, the most used browser in the world.

Activate this Chrome option to improve browser performance and save battery

Before we talk about this new feature, we need to review some Chrome history and travel to November 2020, the month Google released version 87 of the browser. With it, the “Intensive Wake Up Throttling” function has been introduced, which basically prevents JavaScript can “activate” a tab More than once a minute, after staying in the background for more than five minutes.

This feature helped Reduce CPU usage by Chrome by up to five times Compared to previous versions, while it managed to extend battery life up to 1.25 hours.

Now, Chrome wants to move forward with the “Quick Intensive Throttling” functionality derived from the previous one. With this function activated, the file The five-second window is available so far, reduced to just ten seconds. In this way, the file Background tabs go into hibernation in a faster way.

The function has its own peculiarity, which is that it just works When the tab is fully loaded. In this way, the Chrome team aims to Reduce CPU usage by up to 10%This helps extend battery life significantly.

To activate this option, you must use List of experimental features or “flags” of Chrome. Once there, just find the option called “chrome://flags #quick-ensive-throttling-after-loading” and activate it.

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finally, You just need to restart your browserAnd start enjoying the improvements. Note that the feature is currently only available on Canary and Dev versions of Google Chrome For Android and desktop platforms.

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