Up to 85% off with Spike Chunsoft New Year Sale on the Nintendo Switch Online Store


We bring good news regarding Nintendo Switch. A new promo has been launched for this season with Discount On the Nintendo Switch Online Store, here we bring you some of the deals they have to offer from Spike Chunsoft.

This promotion will be available Until January 16, 2022. Includes offers of up to 85% discount available in principle only America (Some are also available in Europe), but remember that you can access the eShop for this region by continuing These steps. You also have available Other offers in the European eShop.

Discount on Nintendo Switch

Here is the discount the company is offering on the Nintendo Switch:

PixelJunk 2 . Monsters 85% $2.24
PixelJunk Monsters 2 Danganronpa Pack 85% $0.74
PixelJunk Monsters 2 Encore Pack 85% $0.74
AI: Dream Files 60% US $15.99
YU-NO: The girl who cheers love in a pound of this world 70% US $14.99
Steins; Elite Gate 60% USD 23.99
Steins; Portal: Hug my love 60% USD 11.99
Steins; Gate 0 60% USD 11.99
Katana Kami: The Way of a Samurai Story 60% USD 11.99
Wanderer Set DLC 60% 0.79 dollars
Five Famous Swords DLC Collection 60% 0.79 dollars
robots; Elite Notes 60% US $13.99
robots; DaSH . Notes 60% US $13.99
Re: Zero – Beginning of life in another world – Throne prophecy 50% $29.99
Sherine the Walker: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate 20% US $15.99

What is your opinion? You can find similar offers at this link.

Available on the Nintendo Switch Online Store

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