We will soon say goodbye to Xbox LIVE Gold for playing FREE-to-play titles!


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finally! For the first time since its inception as an online subscription program for Xbox, it will not be superfluous to acquire it Xbox Live Gold To enjoy the free play that develops in an online environment. Why do we tell you this? Well, given recent reports that Microsoft is starting to pull the requirement to be able to play those titles without having to pay to use the platform.

Adiós a Xbox LIVE Gold para los free to play

After the scandal that emerged at the start of the year with the new scheme and the increase in Xbox LIVE GOLD prices, Microsoft’s games division backed down and took the opportunity to announce it This year, it is no longer necessary to have a Gold subscription to play for free online. At the time, Xbox indicated that this would happen in the coming months according to a report from Who Gamesindustry.biz, The process started but it’s currently part of the Insider program.

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According to the information, Xbox has begun withdrawing Xbox LIVE Gold requirements to be able to play for free, an action taken and tested with members of Insider Alpha, Alpha Skip Ahead and Omega programs, this is conducting recent registration and public access.

Why is Xbox testing Xbox LIVE Gold Draw to play for Free?

The Xbox online platform operates in a comprehensive manner and any major changes should be analyzed so that they do not cause problems. Being able to play for free without having to pay Xbox LIVE Gold is such a case and according to the information available so far, the games are like Destiny 2 s Call of Duty: A War Zone They will have to update it so that you no longer have to ask the user for the subscription method.

With this change in Xbox sandbox it’s likely going public in no time, so it’s finally time to play titles like Rocket LeagueAnd the Fortnite: Battle Royale a Apex Legends Without the need to pay.

Stay informed, level UP.


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