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It’s the app that people download first when they get a mobile device. With it you can send any type of text message, even photos, videos, funny GIFs or the funniest memes and animated stickers. All this with a simple click of a button.

But for the time being It incorporates a variety of changes into its app for Android or iOS (iPhone) devices. One of them is the ability to activate photos or videos that self-destruct or disappear once your friends see them only once.

Look: WhatsApp and the true meaning of the inverted face emoji: know when to use them

Thanks to it, you will maintain the privacy of certain content so that the contact does not take these photos again or store them inside the reel or gallery.

Although this is a sensation, for others, the meaning of certain emojis in . Did someone send you a yellow face with no mouth emoji ? Well, here we explain what he really tried to say.

Has someone sent you a face without a mouth on WhatsApp? I know what he really meant. (Photo: mag)

What does a face emoji without a mouth mean in WhatsApp

Usually a person tends to send emojis in a chat To reinforce a particular idea in your conversations. This is why you will notice objects, faces, sports, fruits, vegetables, foods, among other icons that have been integrated year after year into the app.

If they send you a mouthless face emoji, this is what you need to know to avoid confusion in the future.

According to the gate A yellow face with open eyes and no mouth expressed that he was speechless. The meaning varies widely, but it usually conveys silence, humility, and silence. It can also convey mild negative emotions, such as disappointment, frustration, or sadness.

It is also known as

  • 😶 blank face
  • 😶 no mouth
  • 😶 silence
  • 😶 silent

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