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By following these steps, you can open two WhatsApp Web sessions at the same time on your computer. Learn how to do it here.

The WhatsApp messaging application, which has more than two billion users in the world, is always distinguished by the inclusion of new functions over time.

In recent years, it has implemented features such as deleting messages, posting stories, and speeding up voice messages; But among the most prominent options for use is WhatsApp Web.

This web version was launched in 2015 and it provides facilities when communicating with other people, by being able to type using a physical keyboard; In addition, it allows you to leave your cell phone for a moment and manage all the information from the computer.

Similarly, you can use all the tools that the application has on the phone: write in private or group conversations, share all kinds of content (photos, videos, audios, documents) and even Make calls or video calls.

However, many people have more than one WhatsApp account, which is used on different mobile phones. In most of these cases, one of the profiles corresponds to a business account, so it is often necessary to have both phones on hand to deal with personal and business issues at the same time. But What can be done when the two accounts are linked to WhatsApp Web?

In order to open both accounts at the same time on the same computer, you must have an open account Incognito window from your favorite browser. These are the steps you have to follow:

1. Open WhatsApp Web in your browser and scan the QR code that appears on the screen using the option in the app on your cell phone. This will log you into the first account.

2. Then, to be able to link the second cell phone account, you just have to start an incognito session. This can be opened, in most cases, with a combination of keys Ctrl + Mayús + N, or explore the Tools tab until you find this option.

3. Inside this window, it remains only to repeat the first step, but this time with the profile of the second smartphone.

In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of opening your personal and company accounts on your computer without any inconvenience.

It is important to remember that once you close the Incognito window, all information recorded in this section, such as logins and pages visited, will be deleted. For this reason, it is important not to close the window until you are sure that you no longer need WhatsApp Web.; Although, if you close it by mistake, you can simply sign in again by repeating the above steps. (I)

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