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It has become the favorite of many users for its easy-to-use platform, whether it is to send texts or simply share a photo, video, GIF or meme, which is so much fun to brighten the day of all your friends, workers and contacts.

But not only this. It also has a lot of emojis on its keyboard for Android or iOS smartphones. In the vast majority we can see classic yellow faces, objects, vegetables, professions, animals, kittens, expressions and even sports.

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Many are now searching for details about a particular sleep-depriving emoji: It is located around the sad tooth face icon. know this mean?

If your friend sends you say emoji in He could say many things you don’t know. That is why today we are going to tell you what a gritty smiley face means and when to use it.

What does a face emoji with pierced teeth mean in WhatsApp

sullen face, as it is known in English, is one of the most used emoji in the world. via You tend to send it all the time, but you really know what it means.

To find out exactly that, we must turn to him , a website responsible for compiling all the codes that exist so far, as well as explaining them one by one.

Find out what these cute smiley face emojis mean for WhatsApp. (Photo: mag)

In the case of a stretched face, depending on the page, it can represent a variety of negative or tense feelings, especially nervousness, embarrassment or annoyance.

sullen face Approved as part of In 2012 and in addition to in 2015.

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