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Do you use “dark mode” for ? Thousands of people use the app that belongs to Meta so that they can chat, in real time, with any user in the world. However, there are details that can not only help you improve the power of your smartphone: “Very dark mode”.

If you want to save battery, in case you have an AMOLED screen on your Android phone, you should try this A very easy trick to do Without the need to install third-party applications.

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How to activate Super Dark Mode in WhatsApp

  • The first thing will be to log into WhatsApp.
  • There go to Settings, Chats, Theme and select “Dark Mode”.
  • Head now to Wallpaper.
  • In “Background brightness” you must choose the maximum.
This way you can get the “ultra dark mode”. (Photo: mag)
  • This way you will not see a contrast in the WhatsApp background image.
  • Likewise, this will cause WhatsApp to turn off some pixels of your cell phone.
  • This will prevent eye strain and save battery life as well.

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