WhatsApp | How to create a secret group chat with your friends | Applications | Smart phones | trick | 2022 | nda | nnni | sports game

WhatsApp |  How to create a secret group chat with your friends |  Applications |  Smart phones |  trick |  2022 |  nda |  nnni |  sports game

It implements a series of changes in its application for Android or iOS smartphones, for example, reactions and even new codes have arrived so you can share them with your friends.

But there was also a tool that began to be used by many users: the ability to create a secret group chat in . Have you tried it or not yet? At MAG we give you all the steps to make it a reality.

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How to create a secret chat on WhatsApp with your friends

  • The first thing will be to select all your friends and add them to your WhatsApp group.
  • Now you just have to engage in a conversation.
  • Click on the group’s profile picture.
  • Several options will be displayed there, choose “Temporary Messages”.
This way you can create a secret chat with all your friends on WhatsApp. (Photo: Mag – Rommel Yupanke)
  • Choose to delete all chats you’ve had with this person within 24 hours.
  • This way everything you type will magically disappear after a few hours.
  • The best thing is that it leaves no traces, neither the photos nor the videos.
  • This way you can always chat without problems and keep your privacy 100%.

How to see the last contact time of your friends on WhatsApp

  • The first thing will be to login to Google Play.
  • There I search for the application .
  • When you install it, you have to enter the number of your friend that you want to know at the time of his connection.
  • Once in, you have to activate the alert to see if your friend is ‘Online’ or not.

What does “Satisfied many times” mean in WhatsAPP

  • The text “Forwarded multiple times” appears when the message is shared with more than 5 different people.
  • This usually happens when one forwards the message directly.
  • The goal of WhatsApp is to protect users from getting caught in spam or fake news.
  • The only way to remove “redirect too many” is to copy the message.
  • Then paste it into your WhatsApp chats.
  • This way you will avoid having bad times with your friends.

What do WHATSAPP feedback mean?

  • “Like”: This is the most common symbol. By “liking” we can say that we endorse something. We can reply if we are asked about a topic in WhatsApp groups.
  • “Red heart” or “I love him”: if your partner writes to you, for example, you can assign him an exciting message, and thus react to the red heart. This way you will reflect that your heart beats every time he writes to you.
  • “Laughter with tears”: If someone says something funny in a conversation or in a group, you can interact with the laughing emoji.
  • Surprise: In general, you’d use this reaction if someone told you something you didn’t know and took you by surprise.
  • “Sad”: If something hurts you or someone tells you something really sad, you can use this reaction.
  • Prayer or thanksgiving: for some, it means “performing prayer,” while for others it means “thank you.” Although this reaction is ambiguous, it will be used to ask your friends, for example, to pray for a specific person.

How to delete duplicate contacts in WhatsApp

Remember that it is not necessary to install any additional application on Since many times, this tends to access your entire contact list without your knowledge. Here we explain it to you.

  • The first thing will be to log into WhatsApp.
  • There tap Contacts, then open the Contacts app on the phone.
  • Tap on the three bars in the top corner of the app.
  • At that time you should look for a “merge and debug” job.
  • There is an option to Merge Duplicate Contacts there.
  • Now you will be shown a list of all the duplicate contacts in WhatsApp.
  • Hit the combination of everything and done.
  • At that time, all your WhatsApp contacts will be united in a unique way.
  • It should be noted that if you only want to merge or delete a duplicate of a particular contact, you can do it manually.

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