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Have you used the photo feature once in ? This tool is called only once; However, on many occasions, it tends to be quite annoying for some users who want to keep this image in their gallery. How can I save it without installing strange programs? This is what you should do. Take note.

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Best of all, it is not necessary to download 3rd party apps, all you have to do is download 3rd party apps Fully updated. To do this, check the Google Play Store and iOS Store to find the latest version. Now perform the following steps:

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How to download an image that can only be seen once on WhatsApp

  • The first thing will be to enter WhatsApp.
  • First of all, this trick only works if you haven’t seen the image yet.
  • When you open it, you will only have about 10 seconds to be able to take a screenshot of the image.
  • Now you just have to regulate the size, if you want to put a filter or adjust it.
Remember that if the other person is only configured in WhatsApp, you can take screenshots of the photos. (Photo: mag)
  • Finally, you have to put “Ready” and you will actually get the WhatsApp image that is seen only once on your cell phone.
  • In the case of videos, you just have to take a screenshot or record it.
  • You can download Screen Recorder app on Android or use the same screen recorder on iPhone.
  • Now open the WhatsApp video and make sure that you are recording.
  • When you’re done, set the time or length of the video and voila, you’ll already have a WhatsApp video in your gallery that’s only seen once.

Do you have a problem with WhatsApp? Do you need to report it? If you have any kind of problem, write to their contact email: [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also place the same order from your iPhone through the iOS exclusive service.

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