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It is one of the most used applications in the West. Not surprisingly, millions of rabbis saw their activities paralyzed after servers crashed just a few days ago. Many use the app to communicate with friends, others prefer to create entertainment groups and even with the spread of the epidemic, the use of remote work has become popular.

As expected, Facebook is always looking to update its apps and the community can test out new tools. For this reason, a beta version of WhatsApp has been launched, which you can access at .

Recently, XDA Intermediate Developers reported that they introduced in their test app new tools for creating communities. Additionally, you can share links to join other groups and even edit the description and information of the respective community.

Participants may be assigned different tasks. The element in which it differs with groups. Remember that only admins can interfere with group management; In this case, users may perform various tasks.

According to the report, they are going to share lines of code with the groups we all know about; so that they work together. At the moment, only a handful of users can access the tool but it will reach more mobile phones using the beta version over time.

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