Xbox Game Pass will give you a Crunchyroll to watch Demon Slayer, One Piece, and more anime


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Xbox Game Pass Not only does it stand out for its excellent and attractive game catalog, but it also offers month after month additional bonuses to its subscribers. Xbox recently hinted at this Something orange was on its way to service And we finally know what it’s all about.

There is very good news for anime fans that the service will now provide free access to it Crunchy RollPopular Anime platform owned by Sony. Thanks to this, it is enough to be a user of Xbox Game Pass to enjoy series like Demon SlayerAnd piece And much more.

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How do you get Crunchyroll with your Xbox Game Pass subscription?

Previously, Crunchyroll offered its subscribers months of Xbox Game Pass. Now, Microsoft will give 72 days of premium access to the anime service. If you are interested in this attractive promotion, keep in mind that you must meet requirements to take advantage of it.

Crunchyroll will join the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks or perks. New users with this type of subscription will have access to the animation platform and will be able to enjoy ad-free content.

The feature will be released in the next few hours and can be obtained from the benefits section of the service on Xbox consoles, the Xbox app on PC, or through the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.

Once you get this bonus, simply visit the Crunchyroll website to activate your subscription. It is important to claim the offer before February 8, 2022, which is the day it will no longer be available.

Xbox explained that the feature is aimed at new Crunchyroll customers and that only one access code can be obtained per account. Offer valid for all regions except Japan, Korea and other countries in Asia.

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